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Seasonal Notes

Spring 2017 pigs available now! Berkshires and Chesters farrowed in February & March. Looking for a summer jackpot Berk barrow? How about a February Chester gilt? Late March Berks or Chesters for Tulsa State Fair? Also have breeding age Berk boars and gilts available. Give me a call! 405-714-1389.


We breed quality show pig prospects Spring and Fall with approximately 15-20 sows, mostly Berkshires. We use our own boars as much as possible.

You can be assured that C-Bar-C Show Pigs are real. We do not use Paylean. The "stress" status is known on all our boars and many of the sows.

We have limited semen sales on selected boars.

We run a family owned business near Stillwater, Oklahoma. Our goal is to produce quality "rare" breed pigs that will compete both within and across breeds. County, District &/or State Champions are produced out of every crop!

We have sales off our farm beginning in early March thru May; Sept thru November!

18 years of breeding Berkshires has resulted in select lines that produce level hipped, wide based, clean fronted pigs that are heavy muscled, yet move freely. Farrowing schedule: January-April; July-September.

Help us gather information to improve our breeding plans. Please take our online survey if you purchased a C-Bar-C pig.

Please Call
(405) -743-4306
(405)-714-1389 cell
For more information! 

Regina Campbell-Crotty

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